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Large Waist Size

Why Is Your Waist Measurement a Risk Factor?

Carrying too much fat around your waist and close to your organs changes how the body uses fat and sugar. It can lead to developing heart disease and other obesity related diseases, including:

However, positive lifestyle changes can improve your body composition (reduce the amount of fat you carry), which can improve blood glucose levels and lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

​Desirable waist size

​General guideline (for general use):

  • men: less than 102 cm (40")
  • women: less than 88 cm (35")

If you are ​European, Sub-Saharan African, Eastern Mediterranean and Middle Eastern:

  • men: less than 94 cm (38")
  • women: less than 80 cm (32")

If you are South Asian, Chinese, Japanese, South & Central American:

  • men: less than 90 cm (36")
  • women: less than 80 cm (32")

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