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  • ​Helps manage high blood pressure.
  • Helps manage heart failure.


  • ​Helps the body to get rid of extra fluid. This lowers the amount of work the heart has to do.
  • Reduces extra fluid buildup in the lungs, lower legs and ankles.

​Potential Side Effects

  • low blood pressure
  • kidney complications
  • electrolyte imbalance (low potassium, low magnesium, low sodium)

Common Names​

  • Chlorthalidone (Hygroton®)
  • Spironolactone (Aldactone®)
  • Amiloride (Midamor®)
  • Bumetanide (Bumex®)
  • Furosemide (Lasix®)
  • Hydrochlorothiazide or HCTZ (Esidrix®, Hydrodiuril®)
  • Chlorothiazide (Diuril®)
  • Indapamide (Lozol®, Lozide®)


​Take this pill in the morning. It will cause multiple trips to the bathroom during the day, but will help to avoid disruption to your sleep at night.

Talk to your doctor about how much to take. Your doctor  may teach you how to monitor your weight so you take the right amount.

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