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MUGA (Multi-Gated Acquisiton Scan)

A multi-gated acquisition (MUGA) scan can tell doctors how well the left and right ventricles of the heart are doing their job.

  • During this test, the person receiving the scan is given an injection containing a radioactive material. The radioactive material attaches to the blood cells and is carried through the blood stream.
  • A special camera called a gamma camera allows the doctor to see how the blood flows through the chambers of the heart as the heart beats.
  • By looking at how the blood flows, the doctor can determine how well the heart is pumping blood through the body.

A MUGA scan can be done when the person is at rest and again while the person is exercising. This allows the doctor to see how well the person’s heart performs in a more demanding situation.

If the heart has been damaged by a heart attack, a MUGA scan can provide valuable information about the location and degree of damage done to the heart.

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