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Building an Action Plan

Create an action plan each week to help you achieve your goal. In your action plan, answer the following questions.

  • How will I achieve your goal?
  • What am I going to do?
  • When am I going to do it?
  • Where am I going to do it?
  • How much am I going to do it?
  • How often am I going to do it?

At the end of each week ask, what went well? What did not go as planned?

Problem-solve when your plan does not go as planned.

Once you have set your goal, you need to build an action plan to get there. Action plans are the behaviours and actions you will take to reach your goal.

Action plans are:

  • detailed
  • monitored weekly
  • action based (they outline what you will do)
  • related to the goal you have set

Steps to Building Your Action Plan

1. Answer these questions

  1. What am I going to do this week?
  2. When am I going to do it?
  3. Where am I going to do it?
  4. How much am I going to do it?
  5. How often am I going to do it?

This week I will








How much:


How often:


2. How confident are you that you can do this action plan?

My confidence rating that I can do this plan is:

Not very confident Very confident


  • If your rating is 7 or higher, great! You believe you can do this!
  • If your rating is less than 7, then you may want to learn more about the area you wish to target or do more to prepare yourself to work on that area. Taking smaller steps towards your goals may also help you feel more confident and ready to achieve your action plans. For example, you may adjust the different parts of your action plan such as “how much” or “how often”.
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