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Places To Exercise Indoors

  • HeartWise Exercise Facilities: Many centres are now accredited by the HeartWise program. The facility will have employees working there who are familiar with the design and safe progression of cardiac rehab exercise programming. Look online to find a centre/facility in your community (opens in new window) »
  • Community Centres: Find a community centre in your area. They often have indoor tracks and or exercise equipment.
  • Mall Walking: ​Mall walking is a great free alternative to buying a gym membership. Some malls offer organized walking programs and others may open early for you to walk. Call your local mall to find out what they offer.​
  • At Home: If you already have, or are thinking about buying, a piece of home exercise equipment (such as a treadmill, stationary bicycle or elliptical machine), talk to your cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation team. They can give you an exercise prescription to use on exercise equipment to replace your outdoor walking program. 
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