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When to Skip Exercise

Normally, it is best to exercise 5 times a week. But there are some times when you should skip (take time off) your exercise sessions.

Take time off your exercise plan if:

  • you are sick. Avoid exercise if you have an infection like the flu or a cold. Your body needs rest during this time.
    • If you exercise, your body has a harder time fighting the infection.
    • When you are better, restart your exercise gradually (less time and slower). The amount of time you took off from your exercise should be the same amount of time it takes to get back to your regular exercise routine.
  • you are injured, such as a pulled muscle. If you have a new injury that you are concerned about, talk to your family doctor. Your doctor and your cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation team will help you decide on the best way to get better and when it is safe to return to your exercise program.
  • you have symptoms of angina. You should not feel unwell during your exercise. Know what to do if you feel symptoms like angina, chest pain or shortness of breath during your exercise »
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