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About Your Program

About Your Program

Your cardiac rehab program is 16 weeks long and includes 6 main parts. This information is also found in your patient manual.

1. Intake Assessment
Our lab staff and program doctor talked to you about your medical history and risk factors for heart disease, did an exercise survey, and started a plan for your care.

2. Exercise Assessment
You may have come onsite to complete an exercise stress test. This test measures your fitness level. The team will use the information from this test to create an exercise prescription just for you. This prescription will guide you to exercise at a level that is safe and effective for you.

3. Orientation and Safety
This is the first scheduled group session in your program. Use your computer or telephone to join a required session to:

  • Hear more about your program
  • Learn about the rules that both you and our team need to follow to protect against COVID-19
  • Learn about the technology being used to deliver group sessions
  • Ask questions

4. Group Sessions
There are 12 scheduled group sessions - this includes the Orientation and Safety session. These sessions will be delivered onsite, by computer (using MS Teams), or by phone. During these sessions, your cardiac rehab team will help you create an exercise routine and provide expert advice on exercise and education related to your care.

5. Discharge assessment
As you get close to graduation you will review your program with your cardiac rehab team. To see the progress you have made, you may 1) complete an exercise stress test and, 2) repeat a few surveys and questions from the intake assessment so we can compare your numbers from the start and end of your program.

6. Graduate program
Stay connected to the program with access to education, exercise, and fundraising events after you graduate.

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