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For New Patients
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Patient Bill of Rights and Responsibilities


​While receiving care at UHN, you have rights as a patient, as well as responsibilities as a patient. You can access this full document for more information.

As a Patient, you h​​ave:

  • To receive high quality patient care that is free from discrimination, abuse or harm
  • To be treated with compassion and respect
  • To give input about your plan of care and to get the information you need to make informed decisions
  • To have your privacy respected
  • To know the name and role of the members of your health care team
  • To expect that the members of your healthcare team will talk with one another to make sure you get consistent care
  • To get the right information and education about your diagnosis, treatment and prognosis in a language you understand
  • To share your concerns and get answers to your questions
  • To accept, ask for or refuse treatment, to the extent permitted by the law
  • To expect that your advance directives for end of life care will be followed
  • To have visitors, unless this interferes with the well-being, rights or safety of you or others
  • To understand that verbal or physical abuse of staff, patients and visitors will not be tolerated
  • To be respectful of other patients, visitors, and staff
  • To take part in your treatment plan to the best of your ability
  • To understand that a treatment you ask for may not be provided if it is medically or ethically inappropriate
  • To understand that the needs of other patients may sometimes be more urgent than your own
  • To understand that because UHN is a teaching hospital, supervised students will be helping to care for you
  • To be honest about your personal health information
  • To give valid Power of Attorney documentation to your health care team, in case you become incapable of making treatment decisions for yourself
  • To take part in your discharge planning and in your transfer to another facility if you require an alternate level of care
  • To keep track of and look after your personal property and valuables
Patient Bill of Rights and Responsibilites
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