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Signs of Diabetes Burnout

Know the signs of diabetes burnout. Take action if you have the signs of diabetes burnout.

You might have diabetes burnout if you have the signs below.

  • You lower your diabetes care.
  • You feel alone.
  • You have trouble getting support.
  • You feel like the only one dealing with diabetes.
  • You feel guilty or blamed.
  • You feel like you are being watched by others.
  • You feel angry or upset that your diabetes control is not perfect.
  • You feel like giving up.
  • Your behavior is unsafe for your diabetes.
  • You avoid trying to control your diabetes.
  • You stop taking your diabetes medicine.
  • You stop listening to your doctor.

Take Action

Take action to prevent or deal with diabetes burnout. Find out how to prevent or deal with diabetes burnout »

Last Reviewed: 10/16/2016