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About the Diabetes, Exercise & Healthy Lifestyle Program

Diabetes affects 9 million people in Canada. With good control and proper management of diabetes, many complications can be delayed or prevented. Early awareness of blood glucose levels and making healthy changes can actually reverse or slow the progression of diabetes and help prevent serious problems.

Our program combines exercise, education and healthy lifestyle behaviour changes. You will receive:

  • a fitness assessment.
  • an individualized exercise program based on your fitness level.
  • education to support your understanding of diabetes and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.
  • great support from your peers in the program and our interprofessional team of doctors, nurses, kinesiologists, dietitians, a psychologist and a social worker.

The Diabetes, Exercise & Healthy Lifestyle Program is a specialized program operating as part of the Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Program (opens in new window) »

Providing a Safe, Personalized Program

You will begin the program with a cardio-pulmonary exercise assessment. This measures your cardiovascular fitness. We will then create a personalized program of exercise based on your functional abilities and goals.

You will attend 1 supervised exercise class a week, which includes a warm-up and stretching routine, aerobic exercise (walking, stationary cycling or elliptical machine), resistance training and an interactive educational session. We also offer peer-to-peer support.

You will be encouraged to carry out your own exercise program at home 4 more times per week and to keep a weekly exercise diary to help you with your progress. Exercise specialists will work closely with you to help you advance your exercise and achieve your goals.


  • Supervised weekly group exercise classes with individualized training.
  • Group and individual nutritional counseling.
  • Group and individual psychosocial support.
  • Education and group discussion sessions.
  • Cardiopulmonary (heart and lungs) exercise assessment at the start and the midpoint of the program and at discharge.
  • Diabetes support groups.
  • Alumni programs.

Education Sessions

Along with individual exercise, nutrition and psychosocial support, we offer group education sessions, which include:

  • the benefits of exercise
  • risk factor profiling
  • goal setting
  • targets for diabetes control
  • exercise safety/exercise in hot and cold weather
  • lifestyle change and motivation
  • stress and diabetes
  • the role of food and meal planning
  • portion distortion
  • understanding food labels
  • cholesterol and fibre
  • foot care
  • sleep apnea
  • medications
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